Enhance your taskbar clock

Enhance your taskbar clock1st Clock allows you to view date, time, system resources and other information in the taskbar in any format you choose. You can use any colors and fonts or display the background bitmap.

Synchronize time with atomic time servers

Synchronize time with atomic time servers1st Clock and 1st Atomic Time allows you to synchronize clock with Internet Atomic Time Servers via SNTP and DayTime protocols. HTTP and SOCKS5 proxy support. Works as a time server in the local network. Can keep a log and automatically adjust at any give interval. Warns you if clock inaccuracy is too big and displays a balloon tooltip when clock is synchronized.

Alarms and reminders

Alarms and reminders1st Clock and Power Reminder allows you to add any number of simple and recurrent alarms with custom messages, sounds, colors and icons. You can play MP3, WMA, WAV, MIDI, CD sounds and launch applications with the alarm. You can pick one of 80 built-in melodies to play. Alarms can be snoozed and birthday ages can be calculated automatically. You can easily disable and enable all alarm sounds. You can transfer alarms between computers using the alarm backup/restore feature in 1st Clock and Power Reminder. You have several convenient ways to add alarms using the popup menu, calendar, keyboard shortcuts and more. You can specify what to do with alarm if your PC was off during the alarm run time. You can display reminders before alarms and snooze them too. You can store default alarm settings and reuse them for new alarms. You can create quick reminders, copy and preview existing alarms. If you create many alarms you can search them using the Find function and restore accidentally deleted alarm using the alarm recycle bin.

Popup calendar

Popup calendar1st Clock allows you to view popup calendar with a single mouse click or keyboard shortcut. Quickly add alarms on specified dates with a single click on a calendar. Compare dates and calculate difference between them using the two calendar view. Check moon data for any day.

Time zones

Time zones1st Clock allows you to view time in any number of time zones in your tooltip. Daylight savings time will automatically be accounted for.

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